Amethyst Cacoxenite Earrings Sterling Super 7 Sterling

$198.00 USD $120.00 USD


Large size sterling silver earrings with large sparkling natural Amethyst Cacoxenite cabochons measuring 18x13mm! Hand made by NewWorldGems exclusively. Cacoxenite is the major mineral in the super seven crystals, which is known as the sacred seven or melody stone. Cacoxenite mineral is commonly present in the form of inclusions in quartz, especially in amethyst. The pure purple color of the amethyst is also somewhat dampened by the brown inclusions of the Cacoxenite. It forms radiated clumps or strands of earthy, gold, and yellow colors.

This is a very special stone, Cacoxenite is known to be the stone of ascension, which is believed to raise the awareness and spirituality of the human being by providing a compassionate and unearthly connection with the vast universe.