INDONESIAN LAVENDER Chalcedony Beads Faceted 5.3-5.5mm

$151.80 USD


Gorgeous natural purple Chalcedony from West Java, Indonesia we had cut and faceted on temporarily strung 5.5 to 5.8mm faceted beads. Long 18" strand! This gorgeous material was first found scattered in stream beds and across farmers' fields as they cleared the jungle and plowed the soil.
The color varies from rich dark purple to gentle lavender and violet. This is the result of a complex relationship between ferric iron or other transition metal content (possibly aluminum and manganese) and a play of light absorption on the atomic bonds within the stone. Some wavelengths of light may be absorbed and others emitted resulting in a release of energy and the characteristic purple color. 

Please note: This is not a finished necklace, these beads are temporarily strung. 


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