PRIMAVERA STONE NECKLACE Sterling Silver Nevada Stone

$373.00 USD

Dramatic Blue and Black "Primavera Stone beads, mined in Arizona from a Gold, Silver, Lead and Copper mine!! This is extraordinary material, completely natural in color formations and patterns. STUNNING 19" Finished Necklace of graduated 5 to 8mm nugget shaped beads!! Yellow: Wulfinite
Orange: Mimitite
Red: Phoenicochroite
Light Blue: Caledonite
Medium Blue: Chrysocolla
Green: Luddenite
Dark Blue: Shattuckite
Neon Green: Fornacite
Dark Green: Vaquelinite
Brown: Limonite
White: Quartz, Plumbotsumite
Gray:Cerussite, Anglesite
Apricot: Undetermined
Black: Murdochite


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