Primavera Earrings Sterling Silver Long Drops

$98.00 USD


Rare gorgeous AAA Arizona Primavera stone set in our one of a kind sterling drop earrings. This beautiful stone is from Arizona mined over 10 years ago and only found in very small amounts! 1.75".
The mineral content in this stone is amazing, over 15 different minerals comprise the various colors, the most well know being Chrysocolla and Quartz. Below is a list of the minerals found in this stunning stone.
Silver: Argentiferous Galena
Yellow: Wulfinite
Orange: Mimitite
Red: Phoenicochroite
Light Blue: Caledonite
Medium Blue: Chrysocolla
Green: Luddenite
Dark Blue: Shattuckite
Neon Green: Fornacite
Dark Green: Vaquelinite
Brown: Limonite
White: Quartz, Plumbotsumite
Gray:Cerussite, Anglesite
Apricot: Undetermined
Black: Murdochite

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